Pressure Regulator

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Pressure Regulator

The water pressure regulator is one of, if not, the most important devise of your plumbing system. As important as the pressure regulator is, most home owners aren’t aware of its purpose, or where it is located within their home. To locate the household’s pressure regulator, it’s best to check around the most common locations: the garage; or outside somewhere along the front wall of your home.

Why is the Pressure Regulator so Important?

The pressure regulator is the only safety devise within the plumbing system that helps protect your home, business, and household appliances such as dishwasher, refrigerator, water heater, etc. Making sure the pressure regulator is in good working order, by regularly checking the water pressure, can help save a lot of money. By doing so, it can help prolong the life of the Hot and Cold water pipes along with any plumbing fixtures and appliances that use a water source; therefore, helping prevent water leaks that can be triggered by high water pressure.

California Plumbing CODE states that any water pressure in a home higher than 80psi must be regulated down to no more than 80psi. A good working pressure in most homes is anywhere between 50 and 65psi.

CarePlus Plumbing and Drains recommends current and future customers to check their water pressure a minimum of every three months, but ideally once every month. Once home owners are informed of how to check the water pressure, it takes an average of five to ten minutes to do a proper check.

Sings of a potentially bad Pressure Regulator

The most common way to determine whether or not you may have a bad pressure regulator is having a very low water pressure, especially when using more than one plumbing fixture at a time. Another indicator can be a reoccurrence in a high burst of water pressure when you first open a faucet and after a few seconds it seems to equalize back to normal. One of the best ways to check the water pressure is using a pressure gage.

We, at CarePLUS Plumbing and Drains, can help with the maintenance or replacement of your pressure regulator.

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